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Novel writers are so lucky. They can fill pages with text. In advertising you have one sentence. Literally you have to impress with 4-5 words. So I try to select very carefully those 4-5 words. I write, and when I’m satisfied… I rewrite. And maybe the next day I rewrite again.



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A guerrilla campaign with a creative webpage.

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Polly presents Mizse, the water with an octopus.

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Animal power

Makig a testimonial with supercute animals is fun for the creative and fun for the target group.

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Toilet art

How to get the maximum out of a restroom.

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At your service

An underwater campaign

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Welcome to the club

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Some adaptations from the automotive world

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Puskás is back!

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Around the world in 90 seconds

What do you do when your clients don’t like to read dull letters about your new services? You make a little cartoon about it.

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Breaking bones

It’s all about our bones.

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Pool party

Even a demo can look interesting when it is performed by synchronised swimmers.

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State of the art

HP Innovart – a one night stand with technology and art

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The Macaron Project

The most tasty way to experience FedEx shipping speed. An award winning campaign.

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Remember this

A quick reminder

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MIZSE live

A real family-entartaining water promotion with Augmented visuals and Virtual prizes. Waterproof fun.

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Yes, it’s very-very Merci.

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Especially for grannies…

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Reading by heart

The fuinniest way to win a ‘reading corner’ for their classroom.

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Vodafone Festfone

It’s cool to get a mobile with your festival pass, as a present.

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1 000 books

A Christmas campaign with one thousand surprises.

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Flower Power

A long term incentive from the fast growing FedEx.

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Drop of the 90’s

The remake of the 90’s classic advertisement

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The most entertaining way to your new job.

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Media Markt – The Gang S03

New challanges, new adventures, … and also new characters. The third season was focusing on the extra services of Media Markt – and also of the family.

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Barbie, Thomas, Hot Wheels and co.

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Media Markt gets hungry

Two additional Media Markt spots to kick off 2017 with.

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Let there be light

A film about hiding startup ideas.

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The renaissance of info graphics.

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Here and Now

Check it out!

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When I get old…

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